Embracing Talent & Leadership
Learning ecosystem

We offer a challenging curriculum that lets our students immerse themselves in a stimulating learning environment throughout the whole learning journey.

As part of our commitment to creating an unmatched educational experience we have merged material from the Finnish educational system with best practices to develop and nurture young minds, as well as preparing students for academic achievements by offering a wide range of external examinations.
Support for continuous play, new experiences, and independent exploration
A deeper dive into specific areas of interest and the evaluation of possible life trajectories
Middle school
Obtaining the necessary tools to create their own path in the world
High school
Establishing critical thinking and a learning mindset which is hungry for knowledge
Elementary school
At HRMNY School we have carefully designed a system of principles that ensure an exceptional educational process. Each branch is an integral part of the school environment, enriching learning and guiding students towards personal excellence.
Finnish Curriculum
An interdisciplinary multilingual educational system
combining the Finnish model with other world’s leading educational practices
Teaching Becomes Mentoring
Teachers obtain the freedom to think and the courage
to evolve professionally
Tech-focused Support
Latest AI innovations give a solid platform for
tailored learning experience
Shaping their future through a deep awareness of their personal strengths, preferences, and interests
Social Significance
An empowered person enables others to take initiative
and change one’s community for the better
Sports and movement
Supporting active learning, where the learner is doing, moving, and interacting, that strikingly changes the way the brain works, and accelerating learning process
Recognising individual’s cognitive patterns to help students understand themselves and interact seamlessly within different communication frameworks
Multilingual environment
Learning English, Chinese, Latvian and Russian to broaden future possibilities for enrolment in the best Universities worldwide and support students’ business networking on a global scale
Fully Integrated Interdisciplinary Education System
Project based, personalised, skills and strength driven
Upon successful completion of the course of studies, each student receives an international diploma that enables admission to international universities.
Simultaneously, we offer a broad range
of co-curricular options and external qualifications, aimed at accommodating the diverse talents
of our students.