Dare to be Ambitious
Learning ecosystem
Driven by technology, the world is changing faster than it ever has before, while kids still have to learn outdated disciplines and leave school with fragmented knowledge they will likely never use.
This is why we need to teach and nurture 21st-century skills such as resilience, creativity and social skills, which will be in increasingly high demand in the future.

At HRMNY School we are proud to offer our students one-of-a-kind learning ecosystem, which provides freedom and autonomy by enabling exceptional learning opportunities under mindful guidance from future-minded teachers.

Driven by academic excellence and the personal development goals of each student, we designed a unique environment to meet the highest educational standards.
It includes virtual classrooms and collaboration spaces, an interactive learning platform, and a holistic approach with fun, hands-on academic and cultural activities, with attendance for classes offered both offline and online.
By offering phenomena-based education we achieve a sense of purpose in learning, preparing young people to be problem-solvers.
At HRMNY School we foster a high-reaching mindset, while taking care to preserve everlasting values.
Students study these problems by developing in-depth research aimed at understanding the interconnectedness of the world.
The phenomena at the heart of each research project are defined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and include concepts such as diversity, sustainability, innovation and well-being, among others.
Every project is purposeful, since they all examine actual real-world issues.
Innovation Hub for Students
We believe there is no limit to what our students can achieve. That’s why we encourage them to be ambitious, to reach for their dreams. And beyond that to make a difference and create a better world.
Ambition can take a person anywhere – it’s transformational
It’s what makes the extraordinary possible. But it’s only the spark. It takes passion, determination and commitment to make ambition a reality. It also takes resilience and courage. Last but not least, it takes confidence.
This is why at HRMNY School we have designed an Innovation Hub to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our students.
A creative space that is fully equipped to let them pursue their research in an experimental environment, implementing new ideas and solutions in art, design and technology.